The Gift of Love

Tis the season for giving. During this time of the year most people get a little crazy trying to find the perfect gifts for friends, family, and coworkers. Fortunately, we all have been given gifts at birth. One of the best gifts is Jesus (John 3:16).

Each of us probably has other gifts we can share with family and friends. We can be kind and compassionate. Those are gifts that don’t cost money and can come from the heart. Perhaps you’re a writer. Write a note or poem from the heart. That doesn’t anything. Offer to grocery shop for a new mom or a sick friend or do the laundry for them. Acts of service count as gifts.

You’re good with organizing things. Help a family member purge and organize their garage or closet. Your strengths can be gifts to others. You know your way around the kitchen and can make great macaroni and cheese. Offer to make some as gifts for some elderly family members.

Other gifts we can share with others are thoughtfulness, peace, patience, generosity, friendship, love, helpfulness, joy…all of which don’t cost anything and can be given year round. When we do things in love, those are the best gifts. Always go in love ❤️

Pamela Bowles is a contributor to the Converted Heart CME Church. Ms. Bowles is a mother, daughter, and an educator in the State of Georgia School System.

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