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Mental Awareness

By pwsbuilder / January 7, 2023 / Comments Off on Mental Awareness

I was asked my thoughts on Stephen tWitch Boss’ death. He chose to end his life for reasons we may never know. My first thought was of the immense sadness, pain, and hopelessness he must have felt. I, then, thought of the pain his mother is feeling now that her beautiful and talented child has…

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The Gift of Love

By pwsbuilder / January 7, 2023 / Comments Off on The Gift of Love

Tis the season for giving. During this time of the year most people get a little crazy trying to find the perfect gifts for friends, family, and coworkers. Fortunately, we all have been given gifts at birth. One of the best gifts is Jesus (John 3:16). Each of us probably has other gifts we can…

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God Has Smiled on Me

By pwsadmin / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on God Has Smiled on Me

I am sure you have heard the song “God Has Smiled on Me” by James Cleveland. I would hear it on the radio and in church.  I thought about this song the other day while talking with a girlfriend about all the carefree and adventurous stuff we used to do as young folks. Ooh wee.…

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By pwsbuilder / June 8, 2022 / Comments Off on Purpose

Purpose. I wondered why I kept seeing and hearing the word. I still do not know the reason. Maybe God was telling me to think about my purpose, to focus, to get myself together. Something. Have you ever had that feeling? Well, you are not alone. defines purpose (noun) as “the reason for which…

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Becoming a Daughter of Destiny

By pwsadmin / November 17, 2020 / Comments Off on Becoming a Daughter of Destiny

The world we are living in is constantly changing. Social media plays a large part in developing young boys and girls like never before. However, since 1999, a bright light continues to shine in the development of young girls, to what is now known as Daughters of Destiny. This ministry started in 1999 by visionary…

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Journey Through the Word

By pwsadmin / August 14, 2020 / Comments Off on Journey Through the Word

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