Purpose. I wondered why I kept seeing and hearing the word. I still do not know the reason. Maybe God was telling me to think about my purpose, to focus, to get myself together. Something. Have you ever had that feeling? Well, you are not alone.

Dictionary.com defines purpose (noun) as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”  Another source, The simpleminded.life states that “purpose creates meaning, offers a sense of direction and helps guide our paths, behaviors and our goals when applied to our lives.” I believe our purpose can change as we grow, mature, and develop into the people we are meant to be.

Looking back, I can track the changes in my purpose throughout my life. As a child, I believed my purpose was to be a good daughter, sister, student and friend. I was obedient…well, most of the time. I made excellent grades and was involved in many extracurricular activities. My little sister wanted to go places with me, do what I did, wear my clothes. I was not only a big sister but a role model as well.  My purpose changed some as I became a wife and mother. I became more of a role model and stepped in the role of becoming a caretaker, a planner, an organizer.

I went to college to be an engineer. That did not happen. After seeing therapists work with my grandparents and thinking about my love of communicating, I became a speech-language pathologist. Because of that training, I was able to diagnose my mother’s stroke while talking to her on the phone. I knew then that reason I was a speech-language pathologist was to save my mother. The neurologist shared that because of my knowledge my mother would be okay. I existed so that I could save my mother and give her the chance to be G-Mama to my daughter.

My purpose or why I think I was created may change as I navigate through life. Today, I am a clinical supervisor for speech pathology graduate students, caretaker for my parents, still a sister, friend, and role model. I guess my purpose is multifaceted, and I’m okay with that.

Our purpose may transform or evolve as we maneuver through life, but one thing for certain is that God will have us where we need to be. We are all created for a purpose. We may not know what it is all the time, but God does.

Contributor Pamela E. Bowles. Pamela is a daughter, sister, mother, friend and speech-language pathologist. Pamela loves family, friendship, fashion, beaches, movies, and Howard University.

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