The Power Of Prayer

September 30, 2018

James 5:13-20

The Power of Prayer

The following was taken a sermon on the Power of Prayer

This morning, I want to talk for a little while about The Power of Prayer. I believe everyone from one time or another can testify that there is power in prayer. Since our launch as a congregation in January 2015, we have an extended an opportunity for you to fill out a prayer card. The prayer card is then handed to me and after reading the request, I proceed to lift up those things which was written on the card. Occasionally, I have gone back to read the prayer request written on the prayer card. And the reason I do that is because I want to bear witness that the Lord does indeed answers prayers. Some of those prayer cards consist of requests for people dealing with various illnesses. People that are in the hospital. People who had been diagnosed with cancer. They are still alive and getting treatment. People have asked for children to receive healing from car accidents. They have bounced back and doing well. I have seen the Lord answer those requests.

Some of those prayer cards consist of requests for financial blessings. I have seen people obtain new jobs. People have received promotions. People have been able to send their children off to school. Favor extended to those owning monies to agencies. I have been able to pay off a truck and a car because of the financial blessings of the Lord. So, I can, if nobody else can’t, testify that the Lord has answered my prayers and yours too.

We know that the Lord answers prayer. I would say that no matter how challenging the issue may be, the Lord does respond at the right time. James also knows that the Lord can recuse us from our life situations. He identifies three groups of individuals in our text this morning. Verse 13 are the ones who are in trouble? James asked, “Is any of you in trouble?” The word trouble in the Greek means anyone who is going through a hardship. Enduring a difficult season of life. Before I go further into this sermon, I do believe that James is targeting this letter to believers. People who goes to church and worships God. And the reason why I believe this to be the case is found in what James encourages those in trouble to do. He said that if you are trouble, scripture says that he or she should pray. Praying is often identified as an action that a believer in God takes. An unbeliever is not in the habit of praying. In fact, some of you may know some unbelievers and they typically will tell you about their problem and before you walk away from them, they are asking you to pray for them. Has any unbeliever ever asked you to pray for them?

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