Women Helping Women

“On Friday, May 6, 2022, Rev. Kim Burton had the pleasure of joining the women of the Cabi Clothing and the Heart of Cabi Foundation as the women provided thousands of dollars of new clothing to women via A Wider Circle of Washington D.C.

It was a day of wonder and amazement, as she assisted women to choose some flattering clothing that was free of charge. A large crowd of women in the southeast Washington, D.C. area selected several pieces of beautiful clothing. The Cabi Foundation volunteers were able to hear the stories of how many of the women had overcome situations of sickness, job loss, and homelessness. The Cabi Foundation assisted these women with clothing as many were preparing for their first day on the new job, a job interview and moving into their own apartments and homes.

These women were given wardrobes, Rev. Kim says she was given a fresh assurance as to the faithfulness of God.

Please check out the Cabi website or go to stylist Karen Battles website karenbattle.cabionline.com to shop or find out more. Rev. Kim would like to thank Karen for inviting her to join and the other ladies of Cabi to be stylist for the day. It was a BLAST!

Article written by Rev. Kim E. Burton. – May 16, 2022”


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