Many of us have always associated Wednesday as “hump day”. The day of pressing through a challenging work week or overcoming that obstacle that is standing in our way. I have found that, although I have no statistical data to prove it, a refill of an inspirational message on Tuesday better prepares me for Wednesday. In fact, some messages take me through the remainder of the week. No, I am not trying to confuse anyone or make you believe that Tuesday is better than Wednesday. From my vantage point, a short inspirational message on Tuesday uplifts, energizes, and assists me in addressing the matters at hand. I am encouraged and reflect on where I am when I receive an inspirational text message.

Perhaps you too could benefit from an inspirational text message. If so, from any mobile device, text the word “members” to (240) 269-5193. The cost is free and at any time you can opt out by texting the word “stop.” 

Currently with over 100 members and counting, Tuesday Taste on Inspirational Text Messages has been a hit. I have heard from some text members who have said, “This is exactly what I need today” or others who expressed “Thank you for the confirmation today.”  I am encouraged by how the Lord is using Tuesday’s Taste of Inspirational Text Messages to lift up the heart of the people.

So, get plugged in and start receiving your Tuesdays Taste of Inspirational Text Messages. Text messages are delivered every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.

Pastor Darryl is the founder and servant leader of Converted Heart CME Church. You can get him every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. (EST), on their YouTube channel (please subscribe) or Facebook (Converted Heart CME Church or The Converted Heart Experience).


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